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Closely follow the pace of change brought by globalization
Self-contribution to the sustainable development of the whole society

The economic situation and market circumstances in the world are changing acceleratingly every moment.

Moreover, higher environmental standards have compelled auto makers to build more fuel-efficient vehicles. Therefore we expect that such situations let us be more competitive in terms of technological development on electric engines, autonomous car and be more positive to cooperate with other companies beyond industry frame.

Due to progression of globalization, companies need to act with very keep a close eye on the worldwide economic trends. Such activities affect the fate of individual company.

We MINO aim to contribute for sustainable society through our integrality as corporation, human resources, our newest technology of ultra-lightweight and ultra-thinness aluminum products.

  • Quality First
    We seek thoroughly the satisfaction of all customers
  • Exercising Ingenuity
    Making better tomorrow than today with our spirit of ingenuity never to become complacent
  • Harmony Among Members
    Respect each other to enjoy working together
  • Mission of MINO Group
    MINO INDUSTRY is developing Die Casting Technology for the manufacture of high-performing components in response to the latest demand of world’s leading carmakers
    MINO is also going to contribute for sustainable society
  • Vision of MINO Group

    ■ MINO’s aim

    In addition to MINO’s policy  we aim to increase customer  satisfaction and contribute to society  based on safe and secure environment consideration

    ■ MINO’s slogan

    Becoming global company with ability to offer satisfaction and comfortability for all customers  through the manufacturing based on consideration to local society and global environment